Sustainable Entrepreneurship at Vanco Belgium
and Herve Transport & Coldstore

"Sustainable Entrepreneurship is very important to both Vanco Belgium and Herve Transport & Coldstore. During the course of our daily activities we continuously strive to form the right balance between People, Planet & Profit."


The heart of Vanco Belgium and Herve Transport & Coldstore

We are proud of our employees! Our people are our greatest asset and the heart of our business. Each employee is a representation of our organization to all stakeholders. We expect our people to be customer-oriented and to express enthusiasm, respect and flexibility in their approach to every action.

Selection and development of our people

By following set selection and recruitment procedures, we ensure that we recruit qualified and talented individuals. We invest in the development and skill set of our people to maximize both their commitment and motivation. The employees have the opportunity to develop themselves through the wide range of training we offer. From truck driving skills, accounting and ICT through environment and health & safety.


Energy and water

Green certificate:

With this certificate we demonstrate that 100% of the electricity we consume is generated from renewable energy sources.

New offices:

Our new offices are built with the best insulation materials utilizing the latest technology in lightning, ventilation and heating.

Stacking shelves in the temperature controlled spaces:

Thanks to our high stacking racks, we are able to ensure maximum efficiency in the temperature controlled storage environments combined with low energy consumption.

Car- & truck wash with waste water treatment:

We have our own car- & truck wash that enables us possible to recycle 70% of our water.


Efficient route planning:

The dispatchers ensure that the trucks are scheduled as efficiently as possible. Every day they strive to complete more assignments whilst physically covering less mileage.

The most recent Euro-engines:

As a logistics service company we are fully aware of the impact of our activities on the environment. To reduce the CO² emissions of our fleet we make sure all vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and most environmentally friendly engines.

Electric forklifts and pallet trucks:

We chose to use electric forklifts and pallet trucks because they are silent and have no CO² emissions.

Multi-Temperature Trucks:

Thanks to our multi-temperature trucks we are able to transport products utilizing three different temperature settings on the same truck.

Research CO² reduction:

After investigating the possibilities to reduce CO² emissions, we achieved a CO² reduction of 30% by switching to electric engines.


Working together efficiently and productively

Over the years we will focus on growth by taking in a clear market position and provide strong products and services. To achieve this we will strive to create value in our business processes and structures by maximizing efficiency and reducing waste. We will make a difference by continuously searching for sustainable partnerships between employees, producers, merchants and colleagues. Our years of experience have taught us that a combination of individual knowledge formed into one collective mind creates benefits for all cooperating parties.

Work qualitatively and transparently

To be able to work in a qualitative way, we strive to be transparent both internally and externally. Both companies are very clear about what they stand for. But we go further than the expression of empty words and we demonstrate this in every action and towards each stakeholder. Inside the company we have the same objectives: we want transparency and a free flow of information and knowledge between all employees.